תערוכות - אורה שרון

סרטון מהפתיחה של התערוכה עת הדיו להרקיע - בבית ח"א, בהרצליה

עת הדיו להרקיע

Dear Ora, the Sharon family, guests and friends

I am a part of a group of friends of Ora and Menchem's, for the past 30 years. Ora began painting at a relatively late stage of her life, and I, who has been painting for many years had the privilege of witnessing her first steps in the field.
I admired, and I still admire her swift and constant development in a field which has become one of the
central themes in her life.
Ora did not shy away from artistic challenges she encountered on the way and tried her hand at almost every technique, until she found the colorful and radiant ink and mastered it in an awe inspiring persistence, without abandoning other techniques like oil colors, acrylic colors and drawing with a pen.
She decided, and rightly so, I think, to dedicate her first exhibition to this medium, which leaves much to the imagination of the viewers, but mainly makes them feel good and joyful with the lightness, the transparency and the colors.
I would like to read a few lines from the book "My name is Red" by the Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, recipient of the 2006 Nobel prize in Literature.
"I saw the whole universe made of colors, everything in color. I felt the power that separates me from all that exists, is made of colors and I understood, that what embraces me fondly, what connects me to the world, is color. I saw orange skies, creatures painted green, reddish eggs, blue horses, everything was like in the paintings I saw and the fairy tales I read…"
I think there's no better way to describe Ora's paintings in this exhibition.
I would like to congratulate Ora for this beautiful exhibition which, no doubt, will lead her to continue
to develop and have more exhibitions.

Itzik Barzilai

Thank you, Itzik.
It can't be better than that.
I don't usually talk in these events, but I decided to say a few words.

Neta and Itzik,
You helped me and supported me all the way, and even this morning you came to make sure that everything was okay. Thank you both.

And of course I thank my dear friends and wonderful family who helped me and supported me. 
I cannot but mention Pam Gardinier, a famous artist and painter in the USA, from whom I learned painting with ink. At first I didn't fancy working with ink, it's dirty, it takes time for the ink to dry. You paint, you wait a day until the ink dries, you add color, wait a day more, etc… I'm not a very patient person, but still, I was captivated by the colors and I love painting with them.

I'm happy and excited to have my first exhibition here, at the Air Force Association which has been a part of my life for so many years.

I want to thank Yael Ticher and Smadar Kivkovitz, who have been teaching me for many years. I thank my friends who paint with me who inspire me and I also learn from them.

Thank you all for coming to my exhibition.